Compliance policy

Agenda21500 Compliance Policy has been developped and implemented to promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct to prevent ilegal acts and its associated risks. In accordance with the company values, Agenda21500 applies the best Corporate Governance practices and is able to comply with the highest requirements of demanding and rigurous markets in countries with a deep culture of integrity.

At Agenda21500 we understand that they must be accesible both to our Clients and collaborators and to any person or entity which might be interesed in consulting them in order to communicate and spread our corporate culture. Thus, our Compliance Policy and our Code of Ethics may be herein downloaded.

Any activity carried out by Agenda21500 complies with the highest requisites of business ethics and integrity, as well as with the applicable laws and regulations.

Being the application of project management standards one of the pilars of Agenda21500 company culture, the firms subscribes the PMI Ethics Code, which collects the behavioral principles in the development of infrastructures.

Ethics hotline

At Agenda21500 a specific hotline allows anyone to reach our management team and partners to report any unlawful behaviour, ilegal fact or circumstance which contravenes business ethics, laws, other legal requirements or our Company's Code of Ethics.

The head of the Compliance department is Mr. Borja De Diego, to whom inquiries can be directed through the email address

Phone Number

  • +34 644 639 880

WhatsApp Telegram

  • +34 644 639 880