The background of Agenda21500 is that of its partners, staff, advisors and associates. It comprises a wide variety of projects of different sizes and budgets which have been addressed and completed a large number of countries.

Our experts have been employed by different main actors within the international construction and infrastructure sector. They have been actively involved in projects for many different international Clients, both Private Companies and Public Administrations. Our experience comprehends Europe, North America, Middle East, LaTam, Africa and Asutralia.

Our members' experience has been gained by been active players within the organizational chart of Engineering and Construction companies' projects all over the Globe, thus contributing to Agenda21500's local expertise in many countries.

Among the Administrations and Private companies we have collaborated with, the following may be highlighted

Public Administrations

  • Spanish National Authorities:
    • Ministerio de Fomento.
    • Confederaciones Hidrográficas del Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente.
    • ADIF
    • AENA
  • Spanish local Administrations
    • Aguas de Galicia y EPOSH
    • Canal de Isabel II
    • Aguas de Galicia y EPOSH
    • Canal de Isabel II
    • Junta de Castilla y León
    • Junta de Andalucía
    • ITA CyL
  • Internacionational Administrations
    • Enacal (Nicaragua)
    • Sedapal (Peru)
    • IDAAN (Panama)
    • Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes - SCT (Mexico)
    • Comisión Federal de Electricidad - CFE (Mexico)
    • Ministerio de Obras Públicas (Chile)
    • Norwegian Rail Adinistration - Jernbaneverket (Norway)
    • Swedish Transport Administration - Trafikverket (Sweden)
    • Emirates SEMBCORP Water & Power Company (UAE)
    • Roads & Transport Authority of Dubai - RTA (UAE)
    • Government of Victoria (Australia)
    • City of Edmonton (Canada)
    • Ministry of Transportation Ontario (Canada)
    • Alberta Transportation (AT) - Government of Alberta (Canada)

Companies where our partners and associates have held relevant managerial positions

  • Abengoa
  • Acciona
  • ACSA
  • APPLUS (Norcontrol)
  • ASCH (Constructora Hispánica)
  • FCC Aqualia
  • Cintra
  • Copisa
  • Corsán Corviam Construcción
  • Dragados (Drace)
  • Elecnor
  • Ferrovial (Cadagua)
  • Geocisa
  • Grupo Puentes
  • IDOM
  • METRO Sevilla
  • GS Inima
  • Isolux
  • OHL
  • Sacyr