The broad and diverse professional careers of all Agenda21500 members and partners together with their international experience, provides our company with exceptional capabilities to successfully address analysis and deliver Expert Reports.
  • "Agenda21500 members are highly qualified professionals who can provide information and expert opinions endorsed by their knowledge and experience before a Court of Justice, an arbitrator, or any kind of mediator, directed to to make a binding decision in a dispute or lawsuit" (José Manuel Garcia-Quilez, co-founder at Zurbarán Abogados).
  • "Agenda21500 team is fully aware of the key importance of a cautious management of the information throughout lawsuits and legal processes. They have shown a special ability to obtain details and to build strong arguments from the available documents. By properly combinig their technical approach with an adequate language, they suitably present both the information and the arguments to ease the communication between attorneys and engineers" (Alejandro Cañas Vela, Head of Legal Department at ABEIMA, 2010-2012).
When addressing problems, all the capabilities we possess, arising from the broad experience of all Agenda21500 members and our associates, is applied:

  • As Contractors, we know the difficulties involved in claim processes as well as how to analyze deviations in terms of time, budget, and scope.
  • As Consultant Engineers, we have wide experience in Asset Management from an investor's point of view.
  • As Contract Managers, we understand the significance of having a good command of contracts and mastering those mechanisms directed to use contracts' terms and conditions to make better decisions and to successfully manage variations and claims.
The documents and the information provided by our Clients is deeply analyzed by our team, who leads the drawing process of our reports. Locations or sites are visited when required in order to collect data and to analyze all relevant elements affecting the claim.